Anxiety disorder Part 2 不安障害パート2





My main symptom.



sense of impatience, sleeplessness, hyperpnea, Depersonalization, scared where there are many people ( stadium, shopping mall, etc )




The first treatment is to take anti-anxiety medications as needed.



Drink sleeping pills at night.



Let's see the progress for a month.




one month later…



医者 "調子はどうですか?薬はどれくらい飲みましたか?"

Doctor  "How is it going? How much medicine did you take?"


私 "調子は変わらない。薬は毎日飲んでます。"

I  "My condition does not change. I take medicine every day."


医者 "抗不安薬を毎日飲んでいるの?"

Doctor  "Do you take anxiolytics every day?"


私 "はい…"

I  "Yes …"


医者 "薬を飲んで効いてる?規定量を飲んで効かない時はどうしてる?"

Doctor  "Is taking medicine effective? What do you do when it is not effective?"


私 "効果がわからない…効果がない時は以前に処方してもらった薬を足して飲んでます…"

I  "I don't know the effect ... When it is not effective, I add the medicine that I had prescribed before and take it …"


医者 "薬を変えよう。うつ病の薬で効果が出るまで少し時間がかかるけど。合わないと思ったら飲まなくて良いよ。"

Doctor  "Let's change medicine. It is a medicine for depression. It takes a while until the effect comes out. You don't have to drink it if you think it doesn't fit."


私 "はい…"

I  "Yes …"




😅My memory is ambiguous because I am writing while remembering the time of the bad condition.